Download Links for Nijiko: First Act

A Mediafire link for Windows download has been posted.

A Mediafire link for Linux and Mac to follow soon.


Nijiko: First Act Download

Nijiko: First Act is now available online to download!

Go to the downloads page to find it!

It’s currently only uploaded on 4shared. New links to follow soon.

Nijiko: First Act Release

In the next day or week or so, I’m planning to finish and release Nijiko: First Act for download. The download will include Act One. This is to help garner some interest for the game, since it’s currently using stock sprites and I shall be recruiting an artist some time soon to design new sprites for the game. Hopefully if the writing and programming of this Nijiko: First Act is warmly received, it is more likely I will find an anon happy to work for free or pittance.

Anyway, look forward to it!

Nijiko and Gyangugaru

Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t, I’ve started some work on Gyangugaru. Whilst writing Nijiko is fun, I need a break from the cutesy adventures of raising a girl. So I’ve been developing and writing about sadistic girls instead. At this stage, I’m not certain what’s going on with the process for either game. I’ve got a blank slate with Gyangugaru and it’s driving me crazy thinking about the possibilities. Nijiko I probably need to distance myself from for a bit, simply because the project expanded to such a state that it requires a lot more work and thought than before. Why is writing branching routes such a strain? The more choices for the player, the more story that needs to be written, the more it needs to tie in and so on…

It’s all part of the process though. I’m gonna like it rather than lump it. Nijiko is looking at a possible Christmas 2013 release if I can settle down over the summer. Gyangugaru, if I get Nijiko done in time, may be released by February 2014 (unless I let it overtake Nijiko, in which case, release dates may swap over). There’s no guarantee of making more than these two games under this name. I’ve made several in the past under a different alias, so it’s not like I’m giving up early in the game with these two. If I complete these two by next year and call it quits, I’ll have created 7 games or so which is quite an achievement considering its one person and costs nothing. Anyway, I’ll update more frequently if I can.

Gang Girl and Updates

So, as you can see above, there’s a new page for another game I will be making in the future (hopefully), entitled Gyangugaru. It’s an idea I’ve had for a while so I thought I’d try to develop it some more once Nijiko is complete.

Onto Nijiko – writing is going well to a certain degree. The story’s taking more form and it’s now more about buckling down and doing the thing. Taking the advice of some anons, I’m looking for someone to draw new sprites and CGs for the game. Firstly I’ll release a preliminary version of the game with free art and then request artists. Or I’ll try to be in contact with some and send them a sample of the writing to see if they like it.

Nijiko Update

Things are going along smoothly. Looking at my schedule, I’ll have weekends free from now on so I should be able to spend a few hours a day working on the game. Admittedly, less writing has been happening and more music/video editing has been going on. I’ve done a little here and there but haven’t buckled down as much as I should have. Originally the game was only going to be around two hours long, with an hour each for two routes. Things have become a little grander since then and word count is at 30,000 so far. There’s a good chance this game will become a much bigger game than anticipated. More to look forward to but also more work at my end and more time until a release date.